Randall Skelton   


Professional Independent Contractor with extensive experience in systems and applications programming. Self-motivated to keep on the leading edge of Rapid Application Development technology.   See opportunities to improve, enhance, simplify, and automate procedures and to follow through to successful completion. Solid custom POS retail background, accounting principles, sound business practices, object-oriented programming, relational database design.   I do Requirements Analysis and use prototyping before developing best solutions with minimal code, maximum code reuse.

Technical Skills

VB 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, VBScript, VBA Class objects, ActiveX Servers Object-oriented design
Visual Interdev 6.0, ASP,   MTS Advanced GUI development Relational database design
COM, DCOM, ADO, Active Messages MS Windows API, Outlook 98 API Business objects modeling
Active-X:      OCX’s,  DLL's,   EXE's ODBC, SQL, SQL Server Electronic forms design

Professional Experience

Contracting experience since 3/97

QSC Audio Products Inc.   05/00 – 8/00   Orange County, CA

Created ActiveX Controls in the likeness of electronic components bound to customer requirements database fields.   Methodologies:  User-controls,   Property sheets, User manual, maintenance manual, online help.  Completed on time and within estimate.  Quotable upon completion from their Manufacturing Support Manager: "Thank you, Randall. This has been a very satisfying process.  I believe this has worked out very well. I'm sure we will do business again."

Bridge Medical   11/99 – 4/00   Solana Beach, CA

Prototyped Bridge Med System report management system, then implemented requirements to produce hospital report customizations, report printing and archiving. Produced reports based on the Business Object Layer, a VB6 three-tiered design.  Methodologies:  Active-X, ADO, user-controls, Active-X DLLs, EXEs, Crystal Reports 7, MS SQL Server 7.  Microsoft coding standards were used throughout.

Stone Analytics   8/99 – 3/00   San Diego, CA 

Hired to complete their KeyFactor GUI application, a sophisticated Internet direct marketing system that enables the user to target e-mail marketing campaigns to specific populations and analyze visitor behaviors.   Identified weak areas and improved them to meet the requirements of a production application.  Key areas of interest include introducing the concepts of bulletproof error handling and recovery, database design and excellent User Interface.  Introduced excellent standard VB coding practices to a large project (76 modules).  Methodologies: Oracle, VB6, Internet communications, hierarchical views of data and object-oriented implementation.

Toro AG (agricultural)    1/99 – 04/00     El Cajon, CA

Converted a complex VB for DOS Irrigation Design application to VB6 MDI platform.  Created scalable graphing, designed a product library for component definition and easy distribution when new components are released.   Internet email support automatically collects and sends logs of the activity and system errors for quicker identification of problems and fixes. Trained IT manager in latest technologies.  Presented seminar on "Webonomics".  Methodologies included ActiveX controls and DLLs,  Internet protocols, VB6.

UNISYS Corporation   3/98 – 11/98    Rancho Bernardo, CA

Developed commercial drawing application and companion presentation OLE server using ActiveX technologies. This application is currently used daily by systems engineers to layout custom medium-sized computer systems assembly instructions. My advanced GUI design includes drag and drop, dynamic control creation, resizing handles, databased drawings, template reuse and many custom features. Engineers are now able to do in two hours what used to take a programmer 2 weeks to do. These two applications are now the heart of the Engineering department's Custom computer Shop Floor assembly. The Presenter Server services 100+ workstations with drag and drop real life metaphor rules for the editing of layout and assembly instructions on the assembly floor, databasing the results. Methodologies include ActiveX controls, OLE Server, Oracle, VB5.

Orange County Water District 1/98 – 2/98    Orange County, CA

District-wide Chemical Inventory application for monitoring every inventoried chemical usage by facility, person, department, lab, place in lab using powerful context-sensitive popup menus and hierarchical views. Manages reordering, tracking on-hand locations.   The user interface automatically collects and presents all entered data back to user in convenient dropdown combo boxes to reduce the time it takes to enter redundant data.  Methodologies include: VB5, Class objects, very intelligent resizing of controls, intuitive user interface, Access 97 w/24 relational tables using all stored procedures and table constraints and a QBE search facility.

IRORI Quantum Microchemistry  6/97 - 12/97    La Jolla, CA

Used ActiveX technology to develop the low-level interface and the complete calibration/test application used in combinatorial chemistry technology (directed sorting using  radio frequency  tagging with microreactors).   Used ActiveX technologies to encapsulate the complexity of communicating from Visual Basic to the robotic sorter through a serial OMRON Programmable Logic Controller.  Developed custom ActiveX control to support the various target layouts which can range from 960 to 1,152 separate targets that have to be managed and tracked through compound synthesis processing.

Orange County Water District 3/97 - 6/97    Orange County, CA

User-friendly VB interface to Complex Cost Model for presentations of what-if costs to staff and upper management. The complexity of the MS Excel cost model proved to be inaccessible by anyone other than its designer.  My application uses the OLE   Object model to treat the spreadsheet as a database, organize the inputs into logical groupings and  provides spinner buttons to monitor the bottom line cost of producing water.  Methodologies include VBA, Class Objects, Object-oriented design, implementation.

Full Time experience prior to 3/97

DTS Communications, Inc.  1/97 - 3/97   Carlsbad, CA

Client side of a VB4/5 desktop internet-enabled application handling requester-to-vendor and back communications via the Internet to facilitate real estate transactions. Uses VB-classes, a nested objects transport object, friendly user interface for real estate industry. Developed Global error handler for efficient and centralized error handling and logging.

HNC Software Inc.  7/96 - 1/97    San Diego, CA

Windows GUI design. Developed, improved, designed state-of-the-art user interface for maintaining the critical parameter sets that help track and analyze the expected profit for each and every credit authorization processed.  Designed elaborate database versioning scheme to facilitate change history, reversion, and audit trail.  Customer runs one of the bigger Credit-Authorization bureaus used by major credit card companies. Methodologies: OOP, class objects, OLE servers, In-and Out-of-process DLLs.

Radical Corporation  1/96 - 7/97    Rancho Bernardo, CA

Designed user interface to editing of a very large Oracle database for the music industry. Created a consistent, intuitive user interface. Created data-based SQL-statement-based report generator to provide user with advanced report capabilities such as tagging report groups to be scheduled unattended at regular intervals. Methodologies: VB4, OOD, OOP.

General Electric Retail Systems   1/93 - 12/95    San Diego, CA


bulletResponsible for establishment of procedures for team development. Trained all new team members in methods, tools usage, disciplined code, and assisted team members to accomplish their personal goals.
bulletIndependently produced a Point of  Sale prototype so extensive that the senior vice president wanted to present it to a major Pet supplies store to show them what "we" could do.
bulletDeveloped numerous development tools in Visual Basic to improve the workflow and automate activities that were otherwise repetitious or being handled in an inefficient manner.
bulletSource code control
bulletVB "Pinpoint" for Pascal
bulletGUI prototype
bulletSource print
bulletPOS hardware emulator
bulletReport generation
bulletAutomatic test driver
bulletQA automation
bulletAutomated Screen Capture

Experience Prior to 1993:

bulletFujitsu-ICL, (POS, Database, OS/2, Foreign Currency, Total Quality Management)
bulletNational Semiconductor Corp., Advanced Systems, (Cloned IBM 3033 console code by sleuth)
bulletNCR Corporation, (OS Software, Authored Test System Test Executive and Logic simulator)
bulletHydrospace Corporation, (FFT Diagnostics, Submarine ambient noise and data systems, Airport noise modeling, quadruple precision arithmetic on 18 bit mini computer)


M.S., Computer Science (Suma Cum Laude) Emphasis: Data communications at West Coast University (1981)
B.A., Mathematics Emphasis: Programming, Probability theory at San Diego State University (1970)
Continuing Education:  Visual Basic 6, Web Applications, ASP, Visual Interdev 6.0, Drumbeat 2000, C++ object-oriented programming, Novell Networks

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