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This website is dedicated to the task of telling the truth about the neighborhood issues on Greenlake Court in Cardiff, California.

You will not hear any truth whatsoever from the plaintiffs as they have perjured themselves big time in court, so why would they do any different when talking to their laymen neighbors???  You will find that these two households on either side of me harbor direct descendants of a race of people I refer to as "natural born liars".

I will present all of my notes and court documents and expose the bastard neighbors on both sides of me for who they really are, having the same mother, the matriarch of the Natural Born Liars clan.  I will identify the people by name and address as this is all in the Public Court Records anyway.  Since I have TRUTH on my side, I cannot be guilty of any slander or libel when publishing only the TRUTH, something the Plaintiffs know little or nothing of.  

To see what this cost the plaintiffs (them) click on the happy face balloon. (Anthony Newton confronted me about how the real balloon upset Julie11/16/01.)

Rather than try and rewrite all my notes for this website, I am just going to publish all the notes & court transcripts I have made for the trial by their document title.

There will be lots of pictures of the trashy lifestyles of these rat bastards that have destroyed the neighborhood.  I have been real busy trying to clean it up. People are afraid to get involved anymore, but when you live between two such families as you will see, something has to be done.  To date, I have spent nearly $9000 defending the plaintiff's false accusations in civil and criminal court.  Fortunately, the law provides for a remedy to recover the expenses!  So, let's see how you too can get a superior court judgment (good for 20 years if you renew at 10 years) against your trashy neighbors.  This alone is the joy of having gone through all of this, because the neighbors still lead their trashy lifestyles.

Panorama* of the 3 houses involved (cropped from actual picture used at the hearing):

*Taken with Canon G1 in stitch mode, edited in Photoshop 6.